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STOP Windows 10 Auto-Upgrade

You may remember our blog post about waiting to upgrade to Windows 10 back in September 2015. However, oh HAPPY day! Microsoft has changed the Windows 10 update from "Optional" to "Recommended". And by "Recommended" it means “We know what is best for you, and what is best for you is Windows 10!” If your Windows 7 or 8.1 PC is set to install recommended updates automatically, (which by default they are, for security concerns!) Then Microsoft will forcefully download the Windows 10 and start the installation for you. Now here is how to stop it. First of all, Windows 10 won't install on your PC unless you're at the computer to OK the install (though it will download Windows 10 taking up a LOT of room around 3.5-6GB). And if the installation process starts you’ll be able to cancel it. Also you will be able to roll back to your previous OS for 31 days after installing it. That is the good news. However maybe you KNOW you...
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Think Twice about upgrading to Windows 10 immediately

Continuing Privacy fears

Sure, an argument could be made that Windows (and therefore Microsoft) needs access to all your data to give you the ease of life you are demanding from technology. For example their virtual assistant (Cortana) needs to scan all of your email, and calendar to apply the information in different settings. To remind you when a shipment is coming, to bug you 15 minutes before a phone call. However, this tradeoff between privacy concerns and accessibility is still up for debate (more…)...
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